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Let a group from the audience see the journalistic production before publishing to give feedback on how they understand it, if they are left with questions, if anything is boring, etc.


To make sure that your product is relevant to the audience and presented in an understandable way.


If you work with a complex issue it can be hard to disseminate to the audience in a way that is easily understood.

Be aware of

Be clear on your expectations to the audience and the kind of input they are asked to provide. You do still have the overall editorial responsibility, so don’t give them the right to edit, but only to comment.

Tips for students

Make sure to have someone else than your journalist friend look at your productions before publications. If you don’t have an audience, ask some of your friends or family, who study or work with something completely different, to look at it. Do they understand it? Is it boring? Do they get their questions answered?

Possible tools

A google docs or another shared document, where you can control their editing rights, so they can comment, but not edit.


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