Engaging on Instagram


Political questions, but also social topics and even memes are answered in the form of infographics in two to three slides. In doing so, the topics are brought to the point without losing complexity. After consumption, users should be able to participate in political and social life. Users, for their part, are encouraged to submit feedback and questions they would like to be answered. An important part is also the discussion in the comments, which are moderated by the team.


Reach the young target group (here: 14 to 29-year-olds) on Instagram with journalistic content that otherwise unfolds where they are not present (e.g. on linear television).


Every day. Reasonable, if the topic is suitable for Instagram, i.e. the question or the main topic is relevant for the young audience and can be summarized or answered in one or more slides (infographics). Also, the content must be generally likable and appealing.

Be aware of

The research, the special editing for Instagram and especially the review of direct messages and comments are very time-consuming.

Possible tools

Instagram, scheduling and designing with third party tools like Canva etc.


Funk – Leo Braun

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