Citizen reporters


Teaching people from the community to be journalists, and be there as a journalistic backing group, where you help them with ethics, critical questions, research and other classical journalistic skills. But let them hold the microphone, be in front of the camera, decide the ideas and ask the questions.


Because they can angle differently, ask different questions, get different ideas and have the trust of the community and therefore reach an audience that is difficult to reach.


A good method, when working with a community or audience with a lot of distrust in media.

Be aware of

You should be aware that citizen reporters are not journalists and cannot be given the overall editorial responsibility.

Tips for students

If you work with environments where you have difficult access due to security issues, logistic challenges or if for other reasons you can’t get close to a certain area or group of people, this method can also be useful. People within the community might be able to help you produce pictures, recordings or other material.


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