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DIALOGUE - Course descriptions

This is how we have structured courses in constructive, dialogue-based journalism. The courses are different in intensity and length, but they teach the same methods. We agree on main learning outcomes that incorporate new skills and knowledge when working with dialogue-based journalism. Students will be able to:

  • Develop and apply a strategy for involving the audience and integrate its contribution in the journalistic process and product(s).
  • Facilitate dialogue and moderate debates, both online and in real life, that seek to promote understanding, curiosity and engagement rather than reinforcing conflict and polarisation.
  • Produce and organise content to a destinctly defined target audience and reach it in the most suitable place and moment.

Whether you plan an entire curriculum, a short module or a mid-career course, we hope our courses will give some inspiration.

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Three different courses


Dialogue-based Journalism (20 ECTS)

Students have two major assignments:

1. Dialogue project (7 weeks). Students dive into a societal problem and zoom in on specific places where it is manifest. They listen to affected people and other relevant sources, and they involve citizens through crowdsourcing techniques. They publish online and moderate.

2. Debate project (3 weeks). In small groups, students arrange and facilitate constructive debates and chose one of two types: A) A constructive debate between two people with opposing views or B) A conversation with at least six to ten people.

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Public oriented Journalism (25 ECTS)

Students work in small editorial groups on production assignments from media partners. First, they seek out their audience in real life and on social media. They consult them on topics and angles. In the second phase, they arrive at productions in which they involve their audiences before, during and after the publication process. Finally, they evaluate the process and reflect on audience engagement in journalism.

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