Ask for ideas


Ask people, what they want to know or what questions and curiosities they have. It can be on a specific topic or in general.


You get better ideas, and at least you make sure that you make the stories your audience or community find relevant.


Have a typeform on your webpage (like the one American engagement company Hearken provides), or ask on the social media platforms you use, or go out in the streets and talk to people. Some media also place listening post (LINK) in the community.


You can have an open access all the time, where the audience can raise their questions, or you can ask for their questions about a specific topic that you or your media are currently working on or plan to work on.

Be aware of

If you ask too broadly it can be difficult for the audience to come up with ideas. Also if you ask for their questions and don’t spend enough time answering them, the audience may lose trust in you. So remember to match expectations.

Examples from students

Even though students don’t have a huge platform and audience, they still have a following on social media. Ask your own network – or even better, ask in the specific community where you are working.


Zetland – Thomas Hebsgaard

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