Creating and interacting with a mini public


Die 49 is a mini public. There are 49 people whose income, age, place of residence and other factors are supposed to represent German society as accurately as possible in statistical terms. The group came together from 30,000 registrations of interested people. The 49 participants were selected by software. These people discuss current social and political problems together and contribute their views to journalism and the editorial team of Zeit Online.


The team around head of department Philip Faigle from Zeit Online wanted to better understand the people in Germany in the election year 2021 and ask them what their concerns were. To do this, they accompanied the group for several months during conversations, interviews and discussions. Beyond the project, Philip Faigle thinks a mini public makes sense in order to bring more perspectives, voices and everyday challenges into journalism.


The group and the journalists met once a week. In addition, stories were produced, shoots were done and interviews were conducted.

Possible tools

Zoom or other video call software, but the editors prefer to do it live on site.


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