First interim project report

Image: iStock by Getty Images

How do you teach constructive and dialogie-based journalism? This is what the three partner universities of the DIALOGUE project explain in their first interim report – issued after the first year of the collaboration.

The 33 page report summarizes research and best-practise examples on constructive and dialogue-based journalism and also formulates a shared understanding of the project partners. It is based on the overall goal of empowering the audience – instead of making citizens feel hopeless as they often do today when reading or watching the news.

The constructive approach underlines the traditional standards of journalism: being inclusive and providing context for nuanced reporting. The most important step in teaching constructive and dialogue-based journalism is creating the right mindset: genuinely being interested in listening to the audience, caring about it and integrating its input in the journalistic workflow.

The project partners go on to describe their didactic concepts and the courses as they currently teach them. A final chapter looks ahead and suggests ways to improve teaching of constructive and dialogue-based journalism.

Please download the PDF of the report from our Publication site.