Student production from ICP, HdM, winter term 2021 - #1: Instagram takeover of a federal journalism association (DJV-BW)

What was the project about?

The students took over the Instagram channel of the Baden-Württemberg Journalism Association DJV for a two-week period. The channel is aimed at young journalists and those who might want to become one. The students decided to look at the topic of using gender-neutral language in media from several points of view.

Which methods were used?

The students interacted with their audience on Instagram and encouraged them to participate. They used a wide range of tools to do this: Quizzes, polls, mood barometers and free text fields to ask for opinions or further tips.

In their research for the topic, they conducted a survey in advance, which they then discussed on Instagram. They interviewed journalists from both camps and posted a contrast on Instagram to let the audience discuss it as a starting point.

What was the outcome?

The students received many reactions to their posts. On the one hand, they were busy answering positive and critical comments on the topic. A discussion did not happen, but the students reached relevant other channels with their content, which opened up further research opportunities and conversation partners.

With the interactive elements (questions with answer boxes, polls, mood barometers), the students managed to engage the audience. They received some valuable comments in response to their constructive question about whether the debate on gendering has positive aspects. Likewise, when asked if the audience could still understand the opposing side after exchanging arguments, or if they had any further tips for journalists on how to deal with the topic. They managed to engage the audience of a small, rather low-interaction account at the takeover.

A project by Verena Nagel, Franziska Nistler, Sien Raymakers and Jasmin Setz in cooperation with DJV-BW and Stuttgart Media University.

This is the DJV Instagram account.

The posts can be read here in English.