Student production from ICP, HdM, winter term 2021 - #2: Constructive print magazine together with enorm

What was the project about?

The students collaborated with enorm magazine to produce an issue called Fossils for Future. The topic was mainly sustainable sources of fuel that we don’t immediately think of – for example urine, hemp and algae. The editors also interviewed students about how they experienced the pandemic. Infographics on sustainable cosmetics and an article on the stigmatization of women’s diseases rounded off the issue.

Which methods were used?

The students focused on researching constructive solutions. They had to learn about the topic themselves and used the opportunity to talk to experts. They then formulated these understandings in a way that everyone could understand. They especially had the audience of the media partner in mind, who have no knowledge in this field.

In the interview about the pandemic, the students went from being journalists to being interviewees.

What was the outcome?

The students learned about both sides: The journalistic role and the role of the interviewee. They found the experience of being interviewed and explaining themselves enlightening for their journalistic work. The team used their international resources – one student was from Aruba – and compared the two locations Aruba and Stuttgart. They looked at the different challenges of both places, and what problems and future plans the inhabitants have.

A project by Elida Maria Arteaga Barreto, Luca Grönig, Michelle Noss and Luna Wolf in cooperation with enorm Magazine and Stuttgart Media University.

The articles can be read here.