Gitte Luk

Associate Professor

Gitte Luk

Gitte Luk has been employed as associate professor at The Danish School of Media and Journalism in Aarhus, Denmark since 2001.

Her fields are storytelling, dialogue based journalism, narrative style and grammar. Also, she is in charge of the entrance exam to access the BA in photo journalism at DMJX. She teaches grammar, style and storytelling in both Danish journalism and international photo journalism programmes.

The last three years her major occupation has been developing and teaching dialogue-based journalism. Gitte Luk holds an MA in Scandinavian languages and literature (major) and English language and literature (minor) from The University of Aarhus; a National Higher Diploma in journalism from DMJX, and BA-studies in rhetoric and German literature at The University of Aarhus.

Before joining DMJX she worked as a freelance journalist and communications officer at an Adult Education Centre.

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